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The Sims 4

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Sims returns to the fourth phase and again lets you build the home of your dreams and see your virtual avatar changes. This game is available for Mac. After waiting for Sims 3, this latest item dominates the series interest. (Function () {(‘review the software desk desk’);});

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Sims 4 does not try to change the revolutionary series. However, I expect other features to compare with other games. It’s amazingAlso, it is clear that Electrical Arts hopes to make this new edition a reality: instead of adding content, the editor decided to take a large part of the game;

There are no pools, no babies, you can not have a list of tasks on your site’s Sims too, and the conclusion is clear: electronic art offers many options to add DLC to the future and items. They came out of the games. It seems a bad way to sell a “perfect” game that is already sold;

This obstacle is asideThe game Sims offers new activities in the city or at home. The items that you can buy are still original and original, as well as various tracking events. However, it’s a shame now that you can always get a charging screen to sims of your land and neighborhood mixes, where the Sims 3 world has given an unusual stay. The good news is that there is a new community port to share your online creation (characters and construction).

FactorIt is important and artificial intelligence

Regarding gameplay and access, Sims 4 has been very much better compared to the previous ones. While training is a great deal of training, what is learned and what can have an effect on people, everything has improved;

The new creative behavior is best: Sim of your dreams can easily be done by refreshing the mouse over the part of the body you want to convert. When building or managing your home, these items are well-organized, depending on the different rooms;

WaySims behavior must also be careful. In the new system, your characters are more intelligent and do direct work to meet their needs. This allows you to concentrate on the important talents of Sims and perform it through this game;

Check, however, that camera control is infinite. It is impossible to go to three dimensions because it is a good experience in the first three periods.

There are no awesome reviews, but it’s very good

Sims 3 years after the reign of the new versionthey waited for Unfortunately, the difference between The Sims 3 and The Sims4 does not seem clear. Despite the adverse effects In fascinating attractive attractions, it has been written since its release. It’s a very bad thing, but this is the most advantageous problem to make the game compatible with computers that are not computers.

To avoid paying the technical features of these new Sims, the profile profile of the skin is clearly seen. The most important improvement in most available drawings, issuesTo be able to investigate different emotions. That’s why you can find a lot of fun situations for the best feeling of life in Sims.

DLC is a bit full of ideas

Sims 4 is a great success. The developer seems to have worked hard on the interface. The Sims character creator and design mode are humble gems and have great potential. With the best customized system and the best automation for your Sims, nowadays you have more freedom to play. There’s no way to download this gameand enjoy spreading: Find together, Get Fun !, Out Retreat, City

Unfortunately, the game will not be easily damaged by errors, especially for the long-term fans of the series. In addition to not having a technical capability, the game has dropped dramatically in comparison to the content of Sims 3, which shows the downloadable content that is soon available. It’s a bad argument about this electronics, Sanaa, that in the next few years you can evaluate their policies to avoid distinguishing a lot of their fans.

The Sims 4

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